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Top MLM Consultant Rod Cook's

"How To Start Your Network Marketing Or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company !"

NEW ! --  14th Edition Jan 2004

By Consultant Rod Cook;  B.S.,  M.A.,  M.B.A.
Free and Honest MLM Consulting comes with this Book
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Over 35 Years of Industry Executive Experience

Honest and Truthful
Certified Consultant by the
National Bureau of Certified Consultants

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Best MLM Consultant To Quickly Grow Sales Using Network Marketing (MLM) or Web Multi-Affiliate Marketing.

(1) The Book Above Gives You Detailed Consultant Information In Easy To Understand Consulting Format, Almost 300 Pages 8.5" x 11"

(2) Plus You Get The NEW Compensation Pay Plan Book

(3) Plus You Get The 200 Page MLM Internet University "With Internet Multi-Affiliate Killer Marketing Tactics!"

Over 500 Diagramed Pages Of Pure, Distilled, Powerful Illustrated Information...!
Then You Get An Hour Of Personal Consulting From The Industry's Top Consultant!


"Rod's newest 'How To Book' is the 'must-have' book if you plan to set up an MLM, Network Marketing, or Internet Multi-Affiliate Program. I highly recommend it! Honest Consulting (NO SALES PITCHES) at it's best."

--Tom Schreiter (Big Al), Kaas Publishing


Plus One Hour Of Telephone Consulting
With Rod Cook - Industry "Top Consultant"

Your market? Over 5 million new people joined Multi-Affiliate Marketing on the Internet from 2001 to 2003. A new "Boom" in web and conventional marketing is being created. Millions of dollars are being made in MLM, Multi-Affiliate, Party Plans and Network Marketing! You get full detailed information on all, plus how to boom on and off the Web!

Have financial experts told you combinations of Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, or Party Party Plans are the "new wave" in corporate divisional diversification or startups? There is some risk, however, to startup Multi-Affiliate, Network Marketing, MLM, or Part Plan companies.

You automatically reduce risk through knowledge! That's why the original Book was born years ago! The NEW latest book has been honed to an edge to give you the competitive advantage! This NEW monster book (480 pages with the E-University) and Your hour of FREE consulting can catapult you to success! Plus you get the NEW MLM Compensation Pay Plan Book

If you like people, want to help others, and like money, this easy to Understand book is the way to start your corporate future in Affiliate, NetWork Marketing or MLM Party Plans. On or off the Internet! These are the most fulfilling businesses to be in today. You can financially sound (and secure your future) through helping others find financial freedom!

MLM Consultant

This book makes your learning curve easy (almost automatic) and it's 280 pages give you at a minimum:


  1. Your straight shooting "mind missile" of detailed information you can quickly learn and direct with - You are the expert!

  2. Your desktop quick reference manual that you will always keep on hand (some order it annually)

  3. Your quick teaching tool with checklist after checklist to show workers what needs to be done as you start your Multi-Affiliate, Network, or MLM company

Originated by America's leading expert consultant in NetWork Marketing and the Internet who has been inside of hundreds of companies and taught hundreds of others. Rod uses easy writing and illustrations for a full quick massive transfer: Ideas, methods, and ideas you can immediately use to get your company started.



MLM Consultant

I always give more than what people bargain for.   I love the phone calls from customers that start out saying, ""How did you ever put all of this massive material together in such SIMPLE logical order!" Over half of you will say something similar when you call! <grin> They go on to say   "I bought similar books and they were a waste!"

I get asked, "Why don't you make the printed Startup Book an E -book?" Folks, I can't do it (yet)! There are too many critical diagrams, pictures and charts. In PDF format the printed book would be over 60 megabytes!

You will love these two books, and software!   I guarantee it! One of the best money saving hours of your life will be that free one with me!   I want you to win!

Rod   Cook   :>)


Review Table of Contents and Photos

MLM Consultant


"Rod was a great help when I was writing WAVE 4. He is an honest "tell it like it is guy" and a true pleasure to work with"

Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics Covered In This "Must Have" Massive How To Book:

MLM Consultants How to boom your company growth on or off the Internet!

MLM Consultant Which MLM computer software companies are losers, how to NOT be cheated out of your money!

MLM Consultants Staying legal and not running afoul of the law!

MLM Consultant Understanding Compensation pay plans - winners, losers and illegal ones. (a book in itself)

MLM Consultants This book is honest information - it's not put together to sell products or computer systems.

MLM Consultants Help with your business plan and how to get money!

MLM Consultant Strategic costs & secret marketing for launching your company!

MLM Consultant The only group study on reasons why Multi-Affiliate, Network, and MLM marketing companies fail - you profit!

MLM Consultants Inside"secret" information Affiliate, Network, and MLM marketing companies don’t let out.

MLM Consultants Complete checklists to start up your company with full money saving details and sources. Hundreds of notes explaining "inside secrets" & knowledge keyed to the checklists.

Review Table of Contents and Photos


MLM Consultants

(Internet Killer Marketing Tactics)"

Ecenter Direct Acess

Updated every 30 Days

These secrets will kill your competition! Act I of the Internet is over. We are on Act II of the web where businesses have to know where to go and what to do. Your roadmap to internet sucess is here!.

You become one of a select few to know how to train and lead groups of 1,000's to marketing success on the Internet! The Internet is massive. You get a complete plan to focus your Multi-affiliates on where to go and what to do.

You get an introduction of 4 printed pages plus 200 pages Online in a secret location. You get specific directions were to go on the Internet to produce Multi-Affiliate activity and how to do it.

You get the inside tricks of the trade of the most advanced marketers online. You get tools that you can cut and paste to produce extreme activity. You get sources of knowledge that are available to only the very elite long time online marketers.

You get direction were to go on the Internet to produce Multi-Affiliate activity and how to do it.

You get tools that you can cut and paste to produce extreme activity. You get sources of knowledge that are available to only the very elite long time online marketers. These powerful Text files are universal and simple. All you have to do is cut and paste your way to success!

These files are updated every 30 days! You get the latest cutting edge online marketing information available on the web!

I guarantee it!   Rod Cook

MLM Consultant



They come with a Free hour of consulting (worth $300) with Rod Cook one of the absolute premier consultants in the marketing industry today (see Consultant Profile). At $169 for both Printed and electronic books plus the consulting it’s a "MUST HAVE" package!

MLM Consultant

You need to Look at the "MLM Law Book" too, you get great savings buying it with this package! This inclusive book on MLM law, Multi-Affiliate law and thier history can help you stay out of trouble with the state and federal regulators.

Here are what past buyers say about these easy to understand, honest, truthful and powerful Books:


Your book saved me $70,000 the first week I had it! I didn't buy the wrong software. Rod got me fantastic computer software at a fraction of the price.  The MLM Law Book was magnificient!

Dr. Bill Parkinson,
Bethlehem, PA

The startup book and the law book were lifesavers! We started our MLM company on shoestring and grew because of the original book! It was great and so was the phone consulting that comes with it! Here is my credit card for the new edition!

Greg Arnold,

We got the Startup Book. We Studied it, complimented it and even cursed it. After meeting with Rod we started our Internet Company prelaunch. When we launched we had cash flowed $5 million.

Virgilio DeGiovanni,
CEO Internet and Telephone Spa,

I want to tell you your books are FANTASTIC! I have built big downlines. I have been the CEO for a large USA MLM Company here in Australia. I have been a Consultant for years. I am looking forward to talking to you.

David Caccianiga
General Manager, Duval & Associates
Greater Australia

Review Table of Contents and Photos



"How To Start Your NetWork Marketing or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company"

  • A massive 300 8.5" x 11" printed pages
  • Fresh - updated every 180 days!


      NEW Book, "MLM Compensation Pay Plans"

    • MLM Compensation Pay Plans
    • Your Latest Friend In Starting Your Company!


    The MLM Internet University with "Internet Multi-Affiliate Killer Marketing Tactics"

    • Your dynamic always updated E Learning
    • Introduction of 4 printed pages with another
    • 200 pages in HTML format
    • Fresh - updated every 30 days!


    An hour of telephone consulting with Rod Cook worth $300 - See his Bio page!


    All for only $169 Plus shipping!



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