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The MLM Library you see here is accurate information. Almost all of the following Library articles have been published in the MLM Insider Magazine, THE MLM WATCHDOG, Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine or circulated among the NetWork Marketing Trend Analysis Institute for peer review. That means MLM Library articles have been subject of open criticism.  Our research and predictions stand 98.6% correct over 15 years of open publishing!  We have written about Affiliate, MLM, Multi- Affiliate and Network Marketing since the 1980's!

Part of the world's largest Multi-Affiliate, MLM and Network Marketing printed Library is shown in this picture of Marcie and Rod Cook. It encompasses 3 walls of the MLM Library and several MLM Library "Annexes" (storage sheds)!

We Started this MLM Library because the Internet is full of people writing "JUNK."   They are not published nor do they stand up to criticism (email to their own website?).   We publish with input from over 100 "heavy hitters in the Industry to 100's of thousands of people.   We use statistical analysis of MLM, Multi-Affiliate and NetWork Marketing Data.   We analyze MLM, Multi-Affiliate, Affiliate, MLM, and Network Marketing pay plans on a daily basis. We study growth rates, marketing trends and come up with valid information!   Enough said!

Some truly "VALIDATED"New Designs (copyrighted), World Trends, Predictions and Findings in the MLM Library are:

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