The Trend Analysis Institute is an association of people who have an academic interest in the MLM industry and what future short- and long-term trends are evolving at any given time. Degrees are not necessary to join, just raw intellect, experience, or success. In general, the membership consists of people who have been successful in the NetWork Marketing Industry for 10-30 years. Of the current membership of 100+ people, approximately 3% have made over $1 million dollars in one year in the industry, 50% make over $100,000 per year now, 10% are current or past company owners, 3% are retired from NetWork Marketing, and many are writers and mentors.

Goals: To create and maintain a professional core of NetWorkers to protect and improve the industry. To create an academic and historical library that will not be lost to the public.

The organization operates on theorizing, watching, and arguing over developing trends. Company biases are supposed to be outlawed, and we fight with each other if we think such a bias is introduced. This is the pure, academic way, and accuracy of predictions is at 98.6% over a three-year period; the average goes up for longer periods. Findings are published in the Watchdog magazine for peer review. Subject areas often reviewed and argued about are as follows:

Compensation Pay Plans

  • Which create the greatest growth?
  • Which are viable long term?
  • What are this year's favorites?
  • Which ones are going to be hit by legal regulators?


  • Which are popular this year?
  • What is the long-term viability?
  • What quality is available from what sources?
  • What should core products be for companies?


  • What governmental agencies are "overactive"?
  • What legal action by regulators helps or hurts the industry?
  • What companies are illegal and going to hurt the industry?

Other Areas

  • What are the most effective training tools?
  • What are the best recruiting tools?
  • What are the best modes of advertising?
  • What are the best lead generators?

Greg Arnold is currently serving as the president of the association.
Rod Cook is the vice president.
Jim Edwards is the adjutant.
Marcie Cook is the treasurer.

Members of the Institute model pay plans, compliments of America's MLM Consultants. This allows accurate predictions of how much pay plans will pay out in the long run for trend analysis.

Rod maintains the Institute's massive MLM library of over 6,000 MLM-related publications dating back to the middle 1960s. In addition, there are another 3,000 publications in storage. This is the largest library of MLM publications in the world. The Institute is looking for a university or college to take over and protect the documents. All of the fund raising for the Institute is geared toward this goal. We need to raise $100,000 to create an endowment to get a major learning institute to take over this massive amount of NetWork Marketing history and information.

Dues are $100 per year, all of which goes into escrow to establish the endowment for maintaining the MLM library at a college or university. If you are interested in joining, Email Rod Cook at rod @ (sorry no email link due to spambot scavengers).

MLM WatchDog

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