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"How To Start Your Network Marketing Or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company !"


You get outlines, tips and secrets with your hour of FREE CONSULTING! That comes with the books. I don't try to upsell you or push you to buy anything.

The books were done for one reason... To decrease the failure rate of new companies in this business. The free telephone consulting is to help that rate drop. Neither are intended to suck business in the door! I guarantee it! ......Rod Cook



Some people need to move and grow fast. It usually takes six months to a year to start a growth company. They want us to do more to accelerate their startup.

They want me, the MLM Consultant, to do the meticulous lengthy calculations to design a compensation pay plan that will not break thier company financially or cause legal problems while getting the best growth.

Some want us, the MLM Consultants to computer model the compensation payouts so they know how fast they can get their cost of goods sold down and where they will cashflow.

Some want me, the MLM Consultant to teach them how to use the secret Leaders lists we have to get hitters attracted to their company

Some want us, the MLM Consultant to teach them about the MLM industry and how it works. Even experts with downlines of 10,000 have been to our Executive's school on the "Truth and Lies of MLM and Multi-Affiliates." This gives you the power to deal with major players in the industry and grow your successfull business

Some want us to write on policies and proceedures to keep the law away and make thier distributors happy.

Some want us to write drafts thier brochures and their websites to get them launched quickly..

Some have us, the Consultants, help them get started on thier strategic marketing plans and implementation. This usually includes ad copy writing. Basic website design and the myriad of other items it takes to get done to start a company.

To Resolve these urgent requests we designed one of the most unique training and working sessions in the world!



Clients Fly In For Extensive Executive Training, Intense one on one work, Training and Recreation! All with America's Top MLM Consultant who provides a life changing experience!


Three days before you arrive our Consultant staff puts in long hard days working on your company's custom material, structure and operations. This includes compensation plan designs, terms of agreement, policies and proceedures, Marketing strategy and other material in preparation for your arrival.

You then fly into town. We then start in two long days teaching, training, and working on all the items designed previously. This is done in a study group and then a co-operative work group led by Consultant Rod Cook. When we are done you have a clear path and the tools you need to start and grow your company.

You get the benefit of 30+ years of experience and asking a 1000 questions as we teach and work. It is serious work, but we find time to laugh while you learn. You leave 30 feet tall, educated and armor plated!

Optionally after we are done, You can spend the following day visiting the Alamo, the River Walk, the Mission Trail and generally relax while seeing in the nations 8th favorite tourist destination.



An enjoyable experience for both of us!   Do you know what?   After everyone of our clients was done with their training and work sessions, they agreed, "WONDERFUL."  They thank us for providing great value consulting at a reasonable price! Study the book, there are some outlines in the back on this program. Others come in to soak up the knowledge and accelerate business.

Here's how to Do it! Read the book. Decide how much more you need to learn. Judge how fast that you need to startup. There is some basic pricing in the back of the book. Call and we will chat! 210-495-1201



The MLM Startup Book is an action-packed, massive 300 page 8.5" X 11" book of MLM Consultant information that shows you the how what and where of starting an MLM company. Originated by three of America’s leading experts in NetWork Marketing who have been inside of hundreds of companies and helped start hundreds of others. You get a full transfer: Ideas, methods, and steps you can use to get your company started. On top of that, you get consulting TOO! Here are just a few of the topics covered in this valuable manual:

  • Top Consultant Information on Computers from a programmer
  • Which MLM computer companies top consultants know are losers!
  • Compensation plans and how they work in detail. Why some work and why some don’t.
  • What Pay Plans are winners in today’s market.
  • Secrets like how to get the credibility jump on your competitors-worth $1000’s alone!
  • This guide is true business information - it is not put together to push a product or computer system.
  • Preparing your business plan to get money!
  • Venture capital sources for finding money!
  • Strategic costs & secret marketing for launches!
  • Contains the only major public study on reasons why MLM companies fail and how you profit.
  • A current strategic market survey on the "state of the MLM Industry" and how it can affect you.
  • Inside information MLM companies don’t let out.
  • Complete checklists to start up your company with full money saving details and sources.
  • Hundreds of notes explaining "inside secrets" & knowledge keyed to the checklists.

This powerful, massive, illustrated and diagramed 300 page book How To Start Your MLM-NetWork Marketing Company is a tremendous bargain. It comes with a Free hour of consulting with Rod Cook one of the premier consultants in the industry (see Consultant Profile). At $169.00 it is the best resource in the industry to "jump start" your new company.

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