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The trademarked term MultiAffiliate made famous in the book Wave Four. Also all associated website URL's ready to transfer (4).  Multi-Affiliates are the trend of the future (hypen version covered too) see the MLM Consultants Library for MultiAffilate definitions and applications. We need a minmum of $50,000 to cover trademark costs and paperwork costs.
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Usually we have some real great deals and offers in the MLM, Affiliate, Multi-Affiliate, or Network Marketing arena. Most of you know that I am the "MLM WatchDog MLM WatchDog = MLM Truth as a retired Army Officer and fair broker" of the industry. I will do everything in my power to consummate a fair deal. I am known as a "fair broker" in the MLM, Network Marketing, Multi-Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing on or off the Internet.

First if your company says you can't sell your downline tell them to review the Federal Trade Commission cases againt Holiday Magic and Koscot International. Both cases "right up front" -- say that an MLM Downline can be transfered or sold.

Companies that want to sell are usually because the owners are tired. It is hard being the owner of an MLM or Multi-Affiliate Company. They have to keep the selling absolutely secret, so that the current independent contractors (distributors) are not worried.

Sadly enough, the main reason individual distributors engage me is to keep "Tire Kickers" out of their face. If you are selling a downline, it's a straining experience. So many people want to SNOOP a listing, just because they're in the company the downline (being sold) is in. They are in a panic about it. Some think the company is folding and this person has "secret info." There are a 1000 other reasons and all have NOTHING to do with buying this particular downline. Nutcases belonging to the company (where the downline is for sale) have verbally blasted some poor sellers for selling a downline.

Yes, downlines are the private property - of you the independent contractor that built them. Most companies allow the free transfer of a downline when it is sold. Some company's have a specific procedures to follow.

1. I am sorry, but to weed out snoops and tire kickers I talked about above we need to do the following -- . To talk to me, you call 210-494-3884 and make a $25 payment to be briefed on the downline that you want to buy. You can put this on a credit card. If you do a charge back after the briefing, there is a good chance you will be featured on the MLM website as a scam artist! :>) So please don't even think about it!

2. During intake interviews with you (you are being graded too) I will give you income statements, the details behind the company, the downline, current income, projected income and anything else you may want to know… After we get through the preliminaries, I will 3-way you into the downline owner so that you can chat with them. Neither of you will pass names or phone numbers.

3. Want to know more? You sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that is hard but fair. I will arrange for a meeting. You send me a $1000 deposit. We all meet somewhere convenient for all concerned for the final sale.

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